The Bible states in Acts 2:42: “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.”(KJV)

This verse gives us a glimpse into the daily lives of the early church Christians. The spiritual disciplines they adopted into their daily lifestyle as described in Acts 2:42 is what led to their rapid and steady personal spiritual growth. They continued steadfastly in the Word of God, fellowship with other believers, worship and prayer. These four pillars of discipleship make up God’s timeless model for spiritual growth and maturity. At FAC, we call it the 2:42 Plan.

The 2:42 Plan is a major part of what we are as a church. Giving meaningful time each day to these four spiritual disciplines is still God’s plan for how we grow as His disciples. We encourage our members to adopt this discipleship model into their daily lives. At FAC, you will regularly hear about the 2:42 Plan. It is a frequent topic of discussion, teaching and preaching.

Living the 2:42 Plan:

Spend Time Each Day in God’s Word. Giving meaningful time each day to studying, meditating, reflecting and applying God’s Word to our lives is a key to spiritual growth and victorious Christian living.


Daily Strengthening Relationships with the Body of Christ. Strive each day to engage in some activity that strengthens your bond with other believers.  As “iron sharpens iron” we are edified through our fellowship with other believers.


Worship. Whereas “fellowship” in Acts 2:42 is referring to communion with one another, “Breaking of Bread” is referring to communion with God.  “Breaking of Bread” in Acts 2:42 refers to observing the Lord’s Supper which is a “remembering” what Jesus did for us on the Cross.  While we don’t physically observe the Lord Supper each day, we live a lifestyle of “breaking of bread” by daily communion with Christ through worship. Don’t let one day go by without communing with Him through worship.


Prayer. Daily prayer is a lifestyle of growing Christians. The New Testament believers were men and women of prayer. Living the 2:42 Plan includes giving meaningful time each day to prayer.