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  1. Great Sermon!!! Brother Ball has always been an amazing teacher..Pay attention to what hes saying in this teaching. Things in life creep and creep and creep and before you know it you are standing smack in the middle of a snakes breeding ground. I know from personal experience and I just recently decided Ive had enough. I am pulling out the axes and chopping down my fuel for worship at the roots of all the evil ive allowed to “creep” into my life. Its not going to be easy but God’s been knocking for some time and its time to open the door and let him in. Its time to lock the doors and put up all my fences to keep the creepies out..People need the Lord and I personally have had enough of life without him. Keep me in your prayers all and God Bless you all..God bless Brother Ball because even if you dont know it you have been a great influence in my life.

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